Starfire Water on store shelves at Erewhon

Online Store Management

This brand website utilizes social media integrated marketing, and online advertising while also offering an easy-to-use online shopping experience. Responsibilities include consistently updating the content and promotional materials sent to new and current customers, utilizing safe and proven email marketing tactics and manage warehouse fulfillment services.
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Online Marketing

Building Customer Loyalty

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Loyal customer of Starfire Water

Super Water

We constantly research competitors and stay ahead of industry news. We know the importance of the water we put in our body, which is 90% of our body weight. So our main focus was, and still is, the quality of the water and customer care.

Armeno Design Services

Below are a list of work performed:
01Website Design
02Brand Photography
03Content Writing
04Online Store Management
05Email Marketing
06Google Advertising
07Social Media Marketing

Thirst Your Fire

Starfire Water 42 oz bottles

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