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Brazilian BBQ in Koreatown

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Manny Kim, owner/founder of M Grill
Owner/Founder of M Grill

Manny Kim

A business relationship between anyone goes beyond what one can get from the other. Rather, it is the mutual understanding and trust that both parties are going to do whatever they can to make each other successful. Such relationships are not easy to come around, and even when they do, few have the vision and courage to seize it. This best summarizes my relationship with Armen. He has not only contributed to the aesthetics of my restaurant's web presence, but he deeply believes in my brand and concept. Anyone can create a good looking ad. Armen creates a brand. He has the background and experience to take you the the next level by understanding you as a client and developing your ideas into what you would have not imagined. I thank him for his creative genius and audacity to think beyond what is asked of him.

I'll have one of everything.

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